Sunday school
One of the most effective ministries for equipping believers is Sunday School (small group Bible study). Sunday School meets every Sunday morning at 9:00 and there is a class for every age (babies through senior adults). Preschool, children’s, and youth classes are grouped by age. Adult classes are organized around both age and life experience. We have greeters to welcome you at each of the church entrances to help you locate a class that will meet your needs. 
Discipleship Classes
Discipleship at Hampton Road Baptist Church centers around short-term classes that offer growth possibilities in areas like prayer, parenting, physical fitness, financial planning, leadership, biblical studies, and much more. Classes are offered during the week
or weekends. 
HRBC Sunday School Classes
Kindergarten- A202
Preschool- A211
Preteens- A205
Primary- A203
Babies & Toddlers- A213
Conference Room
Romans 15:4- B240d
Doulos (Servants of Christ)– A4a
DB’s (Dorcas & Barnabas)-B240b
The Empty Nesters- FHDC
PALS(Praise All Living Savior)– A6a
The Watchmen- A6m
Esperanza (Spanish Class)
Choir Suite
Sharing is Caring- A6wb
Rubies (Proverbs 3:15)
Prayer Warriors Women’s Class- A6wa
Heavenly Friends- A7a
Boys (7th-12th grade)- BLDG D
Girls (7th-12th grade)- BLDG D